Weight Loss Secret: Talking to “id” in the Moment of Choice

Quite often people ask me what my secret is. I’m always kind of puzzled by this question because weight loss is kind of straight forward, right? Sometimes yes and sometimes no – it kind of depends on who you are. A lot of it has been a mind game for me. That’s one of my secrets.

Remember back in high school taking psychology class and learning about Sigmund Freud’s id, ego and super ego? Remember the id being the impish child in you that whines, screams and kicks until he or she gets its way? Well, cussing at my id along my success to weight loss has helped me out a lot!

I realized that it was not an issue of “will power” to eat things that I should not be eating. No, rather it was an issue of recognizing that the impish, selfish id was spoiled rotten and I was not going to stand for it anymore!

I learned to use the “F” word A LOT when I was tempted. I’d cuss at my id, even have full blown conversations in my head with my id and debate the merits, or lack thereof, of a helping of peanut butter pie (or fill in the blank). My id would say that I deserved it and even proved that to me by making me salivate, oh the gall! I told the id to “f-off” upon many, many occasions. AND IT WORKED! It still works. The id’s eyes don’t ever miss a thing, either. Desire is id’s middle name. But my desire for things that are not good for me has greatly subsided. I think my id may have moved on and attached it’s greedy little paws to someone else’s hips.

Saying “f-off” to the id in a moment of choice at a cocktail party table has served me well. Go ahead, get mad at that little bugger. id will just shrug it off and pop up it’s impish head at the next opportunity. So be ever vigilant. And feel ever so good!

Here’s to your healthy choices!




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  1. Robin Vereen
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 08:04:34

    I love the image of cussing out the Id! I have also done some work with a technique called “Voice Dialog” which helps put names to a number of inner voices like “the critic”, “the protector”, a whole slew of inner children (one of my main problem children is that rebellious teenager) and I even found an “inner” mother who is very detrimental to dieting. she likes to feed me to keep me sort of sedated so I won’t do dangerous things. SO, I often reassure the protector and that mom voice that losing weight is ok now, I no longer need that protection. and the weight gain has been a form of protection for me. as you may know, my relationship choices have caused me some distress in the past and this has been an easy way for me to avoid entanglements. It has been like a suit of armor. My inner dialog is about self trust and sticking to my new approach to food is a way of building that self trust.

    Your blog is a very big help. Sharing the journey with someone helps.



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