Strength Training for Women

Last November 30, 2010 my trainer, Alex Kissinger, sent me this e-mail. It perfectly and succinctly states so many things. Enjoy the link.
And I quote:
“Here’s a great article from the bodybyscience website that outlines why strength (resistance) training is so important for women. Perhaps the most important sentence in the entire article is “when it comes to losing body fat you cannot achieve it by ‘burning calories’ in an attempt to influence the calories in/calories out equation.”
This is an extremely important concept in the fact that, as the article details, our bodies are far too smart and far too adaptive for us to make any sort of big gains by simply cutting calories.
Hope this article is very enlightening for you, and if you haven’t caught on yet, the entire website is a great resource for all things HIT (high intensity training). “
End of quote.
Here’s to your health!

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